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“The wood is our job, and we have the best one for our customers!”

We are using local and imported wood. Chesnut wood is our predilection wood. Our company is RGE Eco-Artisan since 2009. We have several Qualibat qualifications, and our wood carpentries benefit from CE normes and AEV rank.

Guillaume Besset

Guillaume Besset

The great-grandson

In 2008, Guillaume joined the company as an employee, and joined the company in 2013, after 2 years of training at the Institut Européen des Compagnons de France in Mouchard (Jura). During this period, he passed a CAP-BEP of carpenter, then on his Tour de France he acquired a BP of carpenter in evening training. At the same time he trained in carpentry and zinc work.

François Besset

The grandson

The second son enters the company.

Francois joined the company in 1978, with a carpenter’s CAP, after his father stopped working. He is still part of the workforce today.

Bernard Besset

The grandson

The first son takes over the business.

Bernard Besset joined the company on August 1, 1974, after completing his schooling in La Ravoire (73), and obtaining a cabinetmaker’s diploma. He remained there until December 2017, when the first company was created.
In 1977, the buildings were enlarged, as well as an investment of several woodworking machines. At the same time, thanks to his great creativity, he was able to carry out many works still visible today.


The first motorized vehicle

The motorcycle

The purchase of the first motorized vehicle, a Gnome Rhône, which allowed him to move on his first building site in Saint-Chamond. You can still see it today in the vicinity of the premises.

Louis Besset

The son

April 1949

The company was taken over by Louis Besset, one of his 3 carpenter sons, on April 1, 1949, after he had taken advanced courses by correspondence with a school in Paris in 1936-1937. During his professional career, he trained many apprentices. He moved to another location in 1956, where he built the buildings where the company remained for 58 years. He stopped his activity on March 31, 1978. He was mainly involved in interior carpentry, windows and roofing.


The first machine

The combined

The purchase of the first electric machine: a new combined, it is still in the company to this day, and is used occasionally for achievements adapted to this machine.

Régis Besset

That year it all began

Régis Besset created the company in Lalouvesc

Régis Besset was born on March 7, 1883, and died in 1963. He created the company in 1912 in Lalouvesc, after having carried out his training in Condrieu, where he lived with his sister.

He was in the 14-18 war, where he ended up a prisoner in Germany at the end of the war, a period when he did not work. He mainly made furniture, bedrooms and windows.

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